Epidemic outbreaks of cialis sale infection are most often caused by viruses belonging to types 14 and 21. Adenoviral hemorrhagic conjunctivitis is caused by type 3, 4, or 7 viruses.

Such manifestations of adenoviral infection as hemorrhagic cystitis and meningoencephalitis are extremely rare. Adenovirus infection more often affects children and young people. In most cases, the duration of the disease is 7-10 days, but sometimes it can take a relapsing course and last up to several weeks. The causative agents of adenovirus infection are DNA-containing viruses belonging to the genus Mastadenovirus of the family Adenoviridae. Currently, experts have described over 100 serological types of cialis tadalafil, about 40 of them were isolated from humans.

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All serovars of adenoviruses differ significantly in their epidemiological characteristics. For example, viruses of types 1, 2 and 5 can cause damage to the upper respiratory tract in young children, in which the persistence of the virus in the lymphoid tissue persists for a long time. Viruses of types 4, 7, 14 or 21 are responsible for the development of inflammation of the upper respiratory tract in adults.

For example, in water at a temperature of 4 ° C, they retain their lifeincapacity for more than two years. The source and reservoir of infection is a sick person or a virus carrier. After the illness, the virus is excreted with the secretion of the upper respiratory tract for another 25 days, and with feces - over 45 days.

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Cialis tadalafil type 3 is the causative agent of pharyngoconjunctival fever (adenoviral conjunctivitis) in adults and children of the older age group. In the external environment, adenoviruses are quite stable. At room temperature, they remain viable for 15 days. Chlorine disinfectants and UV rays kill them in minutes. Adenoviruses tolerate low temperatures well.

Children in the first years of life and at risk of contracting an adenovirus infection (contact with a sick person) are shown the introduction of leukocyte interferon and specific immunoglobulin. The mechanism of transmission of adenovirus infection in children and adults is most often aerosol (suspension in the air of droplets of mucus, saliva), but alimentary (fecal-oral) can also be observed. Very rarely, transmission of infection occurs through contaminated objects in the external environment.

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Further reproduction of the infectious agent occurs in the epithelial cells of the respiratory tract, small intestine. In the lesion focus, inflammation begins, accompanied by hyperplasia and infiltration of the submucous tissue, expansion of its capillaries, and hemorrhages. Clinically, this is manifested by pharyngitis, sore throat, diarrhea or Cheap cialis (often of a membranous nature). In severe cases, adenovirus infection can lead to the development of keratoconjunctivitis, accompanied by persistent clouding of the cornea and blurred vision.

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